Scottsdale Recovery Center

Update on my friends suicide attempt….

I was able to get into the ICU this afternoon and see him. He was shaking profusely from the withdrawals of the pills he took (they pumped his stomach) and was connected to a respirator which was enabling him to breathe. They told me he would have definitely died if I didn’t knock that door down and call 911…….which is SUCH a trip for me. I mean if God willing he gets through this and comes out of his coma the same person he was before with no brain damage, I will have played a pretty cool part in all that. So we will see what transpires in the next couple days. I encourage you all to say a little prayer for him or put out some positive energy/thinking in his direction or whatever you believe in. I dont feel comfortable saying his name, so refer to him as “Steve.”

I hope yall that read this and that will hopefully start following this blog know that I’m doing this solely to help others in their addictions and try to help people. If this thing keeps one person sober for the entire duration of my business, or keeps a youngster from picking up that first drink or drug, it’s a success to me. I appreciate all of the warmhearted emails and calls today, it’s great to have great people around you.


2 thoughts on “Update on my friends suicide attempt….

  1. I hope Steve survives his experience with enough awareness to learn from it. My attempt at suicide, many years ago, taught me a great many lessons. Today, I am blessed with the priveledge of sharing these lessons. I am glad that you were blessed with the opportunity to intervene.



  2. Jerry, thx for the reply. Your the first to do so :).ill fill u in on what transpires.ill plan on visiting u next month, June is pretty hectic for me. Take care

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