Scottsdale Recovery Center

Saturday the 20th…

Good morning,
After a long week of hanging with my boy in the hospital, I woke up this morning with an extreme case of the “gratitudes.” Grateful for my family, grateful for my friends, grateful for my health, grateful for my sobriety. It’s a great way to live, in gratitude. Sometimes I focus on the negative things in life and forget about all the blessings I have around me. Fortunately, as of lately I’ve been hanging out in gratitude and trying my best to stay in the moment. Such a great way to live!

Steve has pneumonia but will live. I’m going to help him get over his resentment by suggesting he prays for the health, happiness and well-being of his father. Ive learned that when you have a resentment against someone, and your harboring anger and frustration towards this person, pray for them. It’s pretty amazing what happens when you do the right thing; certain people come into your life and doors open in places you’d never expect. I’ve recently gone through my own period of resentment and although i wallowed in self pity, anger and fear in the beginning stages, I followed suggestions and prayed for this person. Deep down inside I really didn’t feel I meant what i was asking for, but after about a month, I started believing these prayers and thoughts and they became authentic. Now I really hope this person is happy and hopefully one day soon we can get back to being friends.

On another note, yesterday I was at La Grande Orange and an old friend came up to me and asked how Steve was doing. She has been following this blog and cared enough to ask how he was doing. It made my day, thanks L, keep reading!


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