Scottsdale Recovery Center

What an amazing week!

Hi Yall, This past week was one I will never forget. First, my dad took me fishing in Eagle River, Wis where we had an unbelievable time together. That’s our favorite spot in the world; so many solid memories from growing up at our house on Catfish Lake. My goal is to have a home there someday so my family can experience the awesomeness of the Northwoods.

Then i met my best buddy Scotty in Vegas for the first annual Hardbat Classic ping pong tourney. My friend Jordy is chairman of the league and, I’m pretty sure the innovator and idea guy behind the event. We had a blast! We did Vegas sober and had more fun than most, i guarantee it! It was awesome seeing my boy Scotty; we both got sober at the same time and our personalities are almost identical. We found a really nice diamond necklace in our hotel room safe. We turned it in to security and i pray the owner of that necklace will be notified of the find. Doing the right thing made both of us feel pretty good about ourselves and provided some mid-day inspiration and spirituality! THEN I ran into my Sister Lesleee who was out there for her bachelorete party. She was having a blast and we had a phenomenal time together, i love you LES!!

Im once again very grateful for my friends, family and my sobriety!



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