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Sober Living Homes Scrutinized in West L.A.

I just watched a video from abc news in Los Angeles regarding concerns from residents in neighborhoods where sober living homes are located. (see link below)

Being involved in the sober house business and a participating member in the sober community where my homes are located, I feel that people have the wrong idea of the exact nature of this deal.

First and foremost, we are in the business of helping people and being of service to others by providing safe, clean and involuntary living quarters; residents are not forced to enter!! They come at their own accord, desperate to better their lives and their loved ones by getting clean….These are good people suffering from a disease called alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Secondly, all residents are required to attend 12-step meetings.

If your not familiar with the key concepts of AA or NA, here they are: Say sorry to those you have harmed, seek forgiveness and forgive yourself. Relieve yourself of all resentments against people, places and things by inviting a higher power into your life. A Higher Power of your choosing (God, your dog, nature, a tree, Buddha, The Great Spirit, etc… for me it was my St. Bernard Scotty who died while i was in treatment. I rescued him but in reality he’s the one that rescued me.) Lastly, and the most important step is being of service to others and passing this spiritual program onto the next guy.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather live next to somebody who dedicates their life to doing the next right thing and helping others. If you live next to a sober house, and it’s very possible you do, invite the goodness and love into your lives and realize that these dudes are good people….you don’t have to “lock your doors” like the schmuck in this video mumbles.

Take a moment, PLEASE. Watch the video and tell me what you think. I admit I’m biased because I’m an advocate and involved in the sober living business, but I need the criticism and feedback from “normies!”

I hope everyone who reads this can go, right now, and help somebody who needs it…notice how you feel afterward! Thank You,


DOG 019


One thought on “Sober Living Homes Scrutinized in West L.A.

  1. Chris
    this could be just the thing that sober living needs to become part of the mainstream. its time to bring it out in the open so people are not afraid of it. hopefully this will lead to better things ahead for the future of sober living. keep up the good work

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