Scottsdale Recovery Center


Today, Sober living of AZ, LLC has accomplished something every recovery based business thrives for: the opportunity to further become positive factors in people’s lives while helping our community. Jim and I sat down with a group of Diversion Counselor’s and Probation Officer’s for the City of Tempe in an attempt to make some of their clients our sober house residents. In Associating our business with representative’s of the City of Tempe, we look forward to being a healthy and prosperous liaison between the State of Arizona’s parole boards, Social Services Dept.’s and Diversion Programs and clean, structured transitional living environments.

Jim and I are thrilled about this opportunity to further our relationships with good, positive members of our society who are trying to make a difference in people’s lives. We hope this relationship can continue to grow for many, many years down the road.

Hope all is well and God Bless!!!

CC and JW.


One thought on “8-25-2009

  1. Just checking your blog – love the picture of Scottie. He “took care” of you when you needed it most. And when he knew you were safe he went on to his next home. He was a great dog!! Love you, Chris . . . .
    your grateful mom

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