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New Years Toast – Year in Review

2009 was a remarkable year for me; new-found success, intense gratitude for my life and my loved ones and the meshing of newly formed relationships with unique new people. Moving forward into 2010, I vow to continue my commitment to the helping of others and service work. Here are ten great things that happened to me this past year in which I’m grateful for:

1.) Sober Living of AZ, LLC
2.) My new Bro, Beny and Leslee’s wedding
3.) Closer relationship with my sponsor Todd B.
4.) Quality time w my Grandma in Hawaii
5.) Helping Shark
6.) Ability to remain good friends with Tricia
7.) Commitment to exercise and my new interest in Bikram Yoga.
8.) My business partner and friend Jimmy W.
9.) Quality time and closer relationships with my parents
10.) My intimate connection to my Higher Power

To all those who have personally and profoundly affected me this past year and shared with me your life story and love, thank you. People are introduced into our lives for a reason, nothing is a coincidence, it’s in that where the mysterious, puzzling and spiritual side is revealed. For me, this is the coolest aspect of life. Sometimes we figure out immediately why certain people are introduced into our lives, sometimes it takes us a lifetime, but it’s always for a reason, and that reason is bigger than anything we can put a finger on. Thats my take!!

Be safe, stay warm, spend time with the family for we never know what tomorrow brings, treat yourself right, abide by the golden rule, play nice in the sandbox, wear your seatbelt, use yor bluetooth when driving, recycle, support your local economy, go to the gym, and remember that it’s not about what you do or dont have, its about who you are and how you act, especially when there’s nobody there to see it!!

Love, Chris


One thought on “New Years Toast – Year in Review

  1. Chris
    I am so proud of you. you have found your calling and you are having a profound impact on everyone around you. cant wait to see how much better 2010 is going to be. love you

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