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Scottsdale Recovery Center Hires From Within! Review from Ex-client and Current Employee Michael K.

Hello, my name is Michael K. I am 25 years old and an alcoholic/drug addict. I have struggled with alcohol and drug use for years, living a life of loneliness and despair. I was definitely suffering from a hopeless state of body and mind with, seemingly, no way out of the rat-race known as addiction. Years had flown by; my life crumbling and shattering all around me day by day. After a much-needed reality check was I finally ready to choose a better way of life. Scottsdale Recovery Center was there waiting for me with open and loving arms; arms which embraced and cared for me when all I knew was a life full of suffering and bitter contempt. I enrolled in and completed their 90 day program, much to my surprise. Setting out and accomplishing goals is not something that an addict/alcoholic like myself is capable of doing: Scottsdale Recovery Center made that a reality for me. They offer wonderfully therapeutic activities such as Yoga, meditation, and fantastic Intensive Out-patient therapy, all run by professional, personable, and truly empathetic counselors and instructors. Getting involved in all of these activities has granted me a wealth of insight not only in myself, but also in the world around me. Now, after much hard work and a boat load of support, Scottsdale Recovery Center offered to invite me into their family as a staff member. I feel truly blessed to be able to give back to other suffering addicts and alcoholics; to guide them and show them that there truly is a better way of living, without drugs and/or alcohol. Scottsdale Recovery Center gave me that blueprint for living a healthy and productive life today and, for that, I am eternally grateful. Scottsdale Recovery Center is truly tops in my book. Thank you for helping me find ME again!

-Michael K


One thought on “Scottsdale Recovery Center Hires From Within! Review from Ex-client and Current Employee Michael K.

  1. Michael, your story is truly remarkable and we’re ecstatic about your progress and where your life is headed. Continue to be an inspiration to those around you and remain of service to others. Remember, to keep is to give it away…

    You embraced the treatment regimen as a client and did everything that was asked of you. You were willing to do whatever it took for your sobriety and it has payed off in major spiritual dividends!

    We’re fortunate to have you now as a staff member at Scottsdale Recovery Center. Keep up the great work!


    Chris Cohn

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