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Giving Thanks to Sobriety – Scottsdale Recovery Center

What are you thankful for? If ever there is a time when we are asked this question, it is now. As Thanksgiving approaches, it signals the time of the year when we are reminded about all of the things in life we are thankful for. Our health. Our family. Our friends. And so the list goes.

At the Scottsdale Recovery Center, where I teach yoga, I am introducing my students to the Sanskrit word: Santosa (sounds like sun-tosha). Santosa means contentment and gratitude. So when we practice santosa, within the eight limbs of yoga, we are happily accepting where we are right now in life, and we have found contentment in all we have—and don’t have to that matter. In essence we are giving thanks to what is and letting go of what is not.

Scottsdale Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol treatment center in Scottsdale, AZ. My students have entered into the Scottsdale Recovery Center because they know they must let go of something that has taken complete control over their lives. Something so powerful that no matter how much pain it caused, they still found it to be the ultimate savior in their lives. This powerful substance has now brought them to a moment in life where they must surrender and accept what they are: addicts. They may feel humiliation or even fear toward what they now deem true, so to ask them to be content with where they are—right here, right now—may seem an impossible task. Truth is, right here, right now they are taking care of themselves and taking the necessary steps to a healthier life free from the substances that have masked their true selves. To me, this is courageous and shows great character.

As my courageous students continue to learn about santosa, they will be able to give thanks to all of the special gifts they have, such as sobriety. They will be able to find joy in all they do. They will be able to find peace with who they are: brave individuals who made the choice to live! Congrats all the clients at Scottsdale Recovery Center for choosing sobriety; for choosing recovery, for it’s a special place with a tremendous success rate. For all those who are thinking about getting help, Scottsdale Recovery Center is here for you, always. The time to heal is now! Love, Heidi


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