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Ex-Client Success Story and Review of Scottsdale Recovery Center: Nick O

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we are proud to help individuals get sober and stay sober. We love hearing from past clients reviews of our treatment program, success stories, testimonials, etc and are happy to share their stories with you.

This testimonial/review is from ex-client, Nick O:

“My name is Nick, and Scottsdale Recovery Center changed my life. I entered sober living after graduating from treatment for drug addiction. I had no idea just how much my life would change in the next 6 months that I stayed with Scottsdale Recovery Center. I had nothing when I came into their program, and knew almost no one in the area. Within 3 weeks I had a job, and had met people who are now some of my very best friends. Scottsdale Recovery Center staff took a huge interest in me. As my time in their program grew longer, they entrusted me with helping others in their houses. I learned that when sober, I am valuable and desirable person to be around and that I can inspire others to success in sobriety. When I made mistakes, I was not thrown to the curb. Scottsdale Recovery Center was always willing to work with me. Even though my progress in sobriety was very painful at times, they never gave up on me. I now have a support group where I can admit my faults and stay honest without fear of rejection. What I learned while in sober living I will carry with me for the rest of my life. And I am forever grateful for the experience I had there. Thank you Alex, Chris and Liza.”

~Nick O

If you or a loved one have gone through our treatment program, please take the time to visit our review form ( and send us a message. We take every review and testimonial into consideration when reviewing our current programs and developing new ones.


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