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Ex-Client Success Story and Review of Scottsdale Recovery Center: Tom D

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we are proud to help individuals get sober and stay sober. We love hearing from past clients reviews of our treatment program, success stories, testimonials, etc and are happy to share their stories with you.

This testimonial/review is from ex-client, Tom D:

“My consequences from multiple years of drug abuse left me physically and mentally handicapped. Losing my leg and vision in my right eye in a car accident left me hopeless and depressed. Turning to drugs and alcohol i become hopeless and desperately needed help, i wanted to live! Scottsdale Recovery Center took me in and gave me hope. I’m now sober almost a year and finally have the inspiration and self esteem to stay sober and live a succesful life, one day at a time!!”

~ Tom D.

If you or a loved one have gone through our treatment program, please take the time to visit our review form ( and send us a message. We take every review and testimonial into consideration when reviewing our current programs and developing new ones.


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