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Life as an Addict in Arizona

Life as an Addict in Arizona

“Drug users say they are gripped by an almost-identical pattern, which starts with pills and ends with a needle.”

One Arizona couples’ addiction morphed into an uncontrollable obsession.

Brian Parker was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2007, causing him to suffer from nerve damage. While trying to continue his work as a welder, Parker said that he was unable to go a day without morphine and oxycodone that his doctors had prescribed him. Along with that, his wife, Jamie Dutton, began having headaches, so she started taking pills as well.

“Every day I woke up, I was sick, so before you even get out of bed, you’re looking for your pill bottle,” Dutton said. “And it’s a vicious cycle. You’re afraid to even leave the house without looking to see if you have enough medication. … It’s a scary feeling.”

In Arizona so many drug users have reported that the gateway to the needles always started with pills.

Because of this large issue in Arizona, students for Cronkite News conducted a four month investigation in the rise of prescription opioid abuse.

Dozens of journalists at Arizona State University examined thousands of records and traveled across the state to interview addicts, law enforcement, public officials and health care experts. The goal: uncover the root of the epidemic, explain the ramifications and provide solutions.

By investigating testimonials from previous addicts, we are able to collect better information on the early stages of abuse, along with ways to curb the rise of addiction in Arizona.

To read more testimonials and see the full article;


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