destThe below pictures are an accumulation of photos taken over the past few years here at Scottsdale Recovery Center. Outings, adventures, pics from our recovery homes, the treatment center, friends in recovery, clients (past and present), etc…We emphasize Fun In Recovery here at Scottsdale Recovery Center, and fun we have! Sobriety is a spiritual journey, and we make sure it’s an entertaining one as well! Part of life is about having fun and creating great memories with your loved ones. For recovering addicts and alcoholics, it’s about having fun without being under the influence!

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280480_156213007789314_8118225_o  421416_443270122416933_1566502809_n  457169_318564908220789_137440621_o 459191_318566794887267_1202299754_o 466816_468964049847540_11186215_o 470511_318568118220468_1653436851_o 482165_443270025750276_1451494010_n 526906_455528497857762_1458802325_n 528444_468897619854183_1985691163_n 735637_415104485233497_1106760779_o 735835_415104861900126_2097937210_o 736777_415104418566837_203230137_o 920171_469709306439681_1990502156_o 1012173_492339170843361_1048928453_n 1598908_594214613989149_528148699_o IMG_6400 photo photo_1 photo_5 photo_6 photozcxZC srcbuilding

All images have been approved for internet visibility by the client and remain nameless for confidentiality purposes.” – Scottsdale Recovery Center


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