At Scottsdale Recovery Center, clients are given the tools needed to prevent relapse and attain life-long sobriety. We enjoy hearing from past clients about their successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and encourage you to read through a few their stories.

“Dear Lisa, Thank you for all of your help and support in our most diffcult times. People like you make the world a better place, we are very greatful. May God bless you and your family. Much Love.”


“Dear Lisa, I can’t begin to express to you my appreciation for the care and compassion you have given Jacob. You have gone above and beyond for him and I dont know how to thank you enough. This year has been so dificult for us, and at times I am overwhelmed with so many emotions. It’s such a comfort knowing how much you care for him. Knowing you listen to him with a patient ear, a loving heart, and a conpassionate soul. You can see through to who our son truly is and help him regain himself. Jacob truly cares for you and has immense repect for you, as do his father and I.”

~L. and Scott B.

“Somedays just having meetings to go to helps me stay positive and when I really apply myself in the classes I feel like I am growing. That’s what seems to work for me right now and having that is really valuable”


“My stay here at your organization had been a very positive one. The accomidations are first class and clean. Your computer and internet accessibility are a great plus. The main office being located above a facility that has various meetings addressing different addictions in is a huge plus. Our rent including the basic food staples is a fantastic accomidation. Kudos to our house manager, she had a tremendous spirit and heart that fills our home with a positive aura as we work our way toward physical and emotional sobriety!”


“I like your staff here at Scottsdale Recovery Center as well as the living conditions. I also like the freedom that I have as long as I am ‘doing the deal'”


“The things I enjoy most about sober living are first and foremost, the living environment. I also enjoy that the North Scottsdale Fellowship is so close as well as our afternoon classes. I feel that it’s helpful to have a sober community this close to where I live. This is beneficial to my sobriety. The support we have from the staff is nice as well. Mike and Laura do a good job managing the houses and relating with the tenants through there own personal experiences. Being ex-addicts they can relate to what we are going through on a daily basis. Also if I ever have an issue, Liza is just one call away to talk to or handle any issue we or I might have. That is a huge help”


“My name is Nick, and Scottsdale Recovery Center changed my life. I entered sober living after graduating from treatment for drug addiction. I had no idea just how much my life would change in the next 6 months that I stayed with Scottsdale Recovery Center. I had nothing when I came into their program, and knew almost no one in the area. Within 3 weeks I had a job, and had met people who are now some of my very best friends. Scottsdale Recovery Center staff took a huge interest in me. As my time in their program grew longer, they entrusted me with helping others in their houses. I learned that when sober, I am valuable and desirable person to be around and that I can inspire others to success in sobriety. When I made mistakes, I was not thrown to the curb. Scottsdale Recovery Center was always willing to work with me. Even though my progress in sobriety was very painful at times, they never gave up on me. I now have a support group where I can admit my faults and stay honest without fear of rejection. What I learned while in sober living I will carry with me for the rest of my life. And I am forever grateful for the experience I had there. Thank you Alex, Chris and Liza.”

~Nick O

“My consequences from multiple years of drug abuse left me physically and mentally handicapped. Losing my leg and vision in my right eye in a car accident left me hopeless and depressed. Turning to drugs and alcohol i become hopeless and desperately needed help, i wanted to live! Scottsdale Recovery Center took me in and gave me hope. I’m now sober almost a year and finally have the inspiration and self esteem to stay sober and live a succesful life, one day at a time!!”

~ Tom D.

“The staff at Scottsdale Recovery Center are all in recovery and therefor I felt comfortable and secure at their houses and trusted that they had my best interest in mind. They helped me find a job which I still have and helped me re-connect with my family. Thank you to Chris Cohn and the staff at Scottsdale Recovery Center, you literally saved my life!”

~ Brian H.

“Scottsdale Recovery Center helped me tremendously in transitioning back into society from a treatment center. I’m sober now two years and owe a lot of gratitude to their program.”

~ Marco L.

“Living in a home surrounded by people trying to recover from drugs and alcohol gave me that much more hope in my own personal journey through sobriety. The staff at Scottsdale Recovery Center really cares about the residents and unlike other programs, they’re always at the houses helping guys and making sure everything is in order. Scottsdale Recovery Center was referred to me by my treatment center and I’m so grateful to have been a part of their early success. Sober 3 years now!”

~ Ben I.


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